World's Celebrity Wrist Tattoos

Wrist tattoos make an eye-catching statement. What better place for your first tattoo? This placement provides you the daily opportunity to actually see your design, something that is often missed when first tattoos are placed in less visible areas.
Because of this, it's so important that you choose a well thought tattoo, and really take your time finding the right artist for the work ahead.
Bear in mind that although this tattoo placement can easily be covered up, you are placing it in a rather prominent spot. From greetings and handshakes to future jewelry selection, your tattoo will play a hefty role in your appearance. A wrist tattoo can also be questionable in the workplace. Although most can be covered up with your cuffs, short sleeves will prohibit that option.
For women, jewelry tattoos make beautiful and likely choices for a wrist tattoo design. Cameos, lockets and even steam punk style watches make perfect sense on the wrist. For inner wrist tattoos, small designs such as insects, symbols and even short and sweet phrase tattoos also make wise choices.