New York's Best Tattoo For Female | Female Tattoo Trends

The human race operates in trends. One day one thing is really popular, the next day it is something completely different. That is kind of the way things work. Well that being the case, it is obvious that the world of tattoos is no different. Designs and ideas in the tattoo world come and go as fast as the next teen idol. But there are always a few that leave a lasting impression. Here are a few tattoo trends and ideas that were really popular, cute tattoo designs for girls at one time.
The Lower Back Tattoo - Leading the pack, no doubt, is the ink on the lower back. The tramp-stamp, as it is commonly refereed to, showed up around the mid 1990's and is a staple in the female world of tattoos. It started as a cute tattoo design for girls but was quickly over done and girls had to find ways to defend getting it. Though this tattoo design has lost some momentum over the years, it is still a very popular tattoo for girls to get.
The Asian Character - This design is a little bit of an X-factor because it was very popular amongst men as well. It hit American tattoo culture like a punch from Mike Tyson. It seemed for awhile everyone, especially females, really embraced the idea of getting a word or phrase inked on in the form of an Asian character. What was funny about the idea though, is everyone took for granted the character they got actually meant what they wanted it to mean. It is a curious thought to think about all the people running around saying that their tattoo means Love and Water, when in actuality it could be cheeseburger.
The Pelvic Tattoo - Though maybe not as popular as the lower back tattoo or the Asian character, the tattoo on the pelvic region was still a very popular option for girls some years back. Usually the design was something small, perhaps a star or a butterfly. It was usually to one side or the other right where the leg met the torso right under the waist.
Tattoos, like everything else in the world come in waves. It will only be a matter of time before some other design, idea or location on the body becomes an incredibly popular tattoo for girls. Though many of them hold a stigma as being unoriginal or unflattering, the trends listed above, at least at one time, were cute tattoo designs for girls Lillian E. is the founder of Tattoo Designs for Girls and hopes that her experience will guide all you ladies out there find the perfect tattoo designs for girls!