Foot Tattoo Designs For Female

A lot of women are tired of getting the common "tramp stamp" tattoos, so they have ventured out to find another sensual spot of their body to get a tattoo design. Foot tattoo designs for women have made a rise in the tattoo placement for women and shows no signs of slowing down. There are tons of tattoo designs that would look great on a women's foot. Here are some tattoo ideas that might help you get an idea of the foot tattoo design that you want on your foot.
Flower tattoos always seem to be at the top of the list when it comes to tattoo designs for women. Maybe because they are feminine and delicate. Because of the huge symbolic history flowers have, the floral tattoo design look really good. Almost all flowers connect with some kind of symbolic meaning and the colors of those flowers plays a huge role in their symbolism. Flowers make great foot tattoo designs for women especially when you integrate the stems and vines into the design.
Words and phrases like poems or song lyrics are very popular foot tattoo designs for women right now. Even men are getting verbiage tattoos. The image of a unique looking font and an meaningful saying is all you need to decide on a saying tattoo. Tattoos of words or phrases are quick and easy to get done and if you already have a saying or quote that means something to you, you are good to go. Names of loved ones is a big trend.
Celtic tattoo designs are great ideas for any part of the body so their is no surprise that it makes its way into foot tattoo designs for women. Because of the beauty of the Celtic cross many people choice to go with it. But there are many many other Celtic designs to choose from. There are step and spiral patterns or maybe knot work shapes of animals that can be combined with a Celtic saying which would make it a more unique and original tattoo design.
Butterflies are beautiful foot tattoo designs for women. Butterflies have many different colors and many different meanings just like the flower, making them a design that you should consider. When thinking of the transformations that a caterpillar goes through before it becomes a beautiful butterfly may remind some women to the things that they have went through in their own lives and how those events have made them the person they are today.